Mar 30, 2010


A drizzly, gray day in Cleveland? Why it's perfect for hauling giant slabs of wood!

I have mentioned before that we have a partnership with Philips Healthcare. They produce huge CAT and PET scanners, among other health care machines. Huge machines require huge boxes for shipping. Huge boxes require huge pieces of wood.

What happens to this wood after they are done shipping? That's where we come in. Our partnership saves some of this wood from hitting the landfill, and it provides us with great raw materials for building up stage sets. It also saves us money, and how can you go wrong with that?

So I accompanied the two Lisas and Sarah to Philips to pick up a load of wood. (And I mean, a load--I could build a VERY large chicken coop with it.)

Sarah is smiling because this pick up saved us over $3,000!!

Teaching the next generation how to be eco-friendly.

Kish should always drive with a chicken on her shoulder. Everyone should.


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