May 30, 2008


They've sent me away again. For the last few days, I've been shacking up with Sarah (but not in the Biblical way, though I'm pretty sure she wants a piece of this chicken.) She's Opera Cleveland's grant writer and my personal seamstress, apparently. I'm getting fitted for my tux, which I will need in a couple weeks for operas I see when I head out to the OPERA America conference.

Because Sarah has been sewing me a formal ensemble, I was puzzled why she posted this question to me on my last blog entry:

"So what's your take on the habit of animals and partial nudity - Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants - Mickey pants but no shirt - Daffy obviously aligns with nudists... and it appears you do as well... curious about your stance on this important issue."

I don't think I have made this clear enough: I do NOT like animals affected with human characteristics. Just because a mouse can talk in the voice of a castrato and emote as well as, uh, Keanu Reeves doesn't make him funny.

So I do not really appreciate the comparison to these cartoon hacks.

That said, Sarah is correct that I'm more often than not unclothed. When I say I'm free-range, I mean all that sweet word implies. But I certainly don't mind forgoing my natural state to look fierce in some cool duds. I will surely be modeling them on this blog.

May 28, 2008


Let me get a few things straight.

I have no abiding fondness for other anthropomorphized animals. I hate (repeat: hate) Howard the Duck.

I do not eat bird seed. I eat Cheetos and beer, just like everyone else.

I LOVE opera. If Giacomo Puccini were alive, I’d take him back to my coop and give him a lil’ somethin’ something. Just as a thank you.

Do NOT ask me about how Cleveland Opera merged with Lyric Opera…blah-dity, blah blah. Go ask Will Cole. I could care less; I’m here for the music.

Dislikes: when you tell people you like opera and they say "Oh, I love Phantom, too!"; Eurotrash opera; Colonel Sanders.

Yes, I am free range (and loving it!)

May 27, 2008


The first thing that happens when I move to the office: they send me away. To Texas.

It's all good, though. (If just for the amusement I derived by telling my airplane seat mates "I've flown the coop! I. have. flown. the. coop.")

I did have a reason for going to Texas. Opera Cleveland rents out sets it has built, and lately its Turandot set has been little Miss Popularity. Fort Worth Opera had rented Turandot sets, so I accompanied Kish (our warehouse manager and tech director) to oversee its installation in the Lone Star State.

Note to Finance Director: No, I have not filled out my T&E report yet. (I did fill out my T&A report while I was in Texas, though. Awww yeah.)

Here I am on a Turandot set. There were drills involved.
(See what the whole set looks like in a production here.)

This is inside the Bass Performing Arts Center, where Fort Worth Opera performs.

This is outside The Bass Performing Arts Center.
(Don't let the beautiful blue sky fool you; the day before, there was a tornado siren for the city and we had to march our butts down to the lowest level. Don't worry; there was beer.)

May 23, 2008


I'm really getting down with internet technology now that I live at the office. First, a blog. Now I'm twittering, too. Check me out here.

Next: Second Life.

May 22, 2008


Today Dean asked me to look at the Le nozze di Figaro score. (Maestro, I did not see ANY parts for poultry in here. WTF?!)

This show (starts Sept. 26--mark your calendars) is gonna be great. I mean, it's Mozart, c'mon. (Plus I heard Countess Almaviva is hot.)

May 20, 2008


Let’s get the basics over with. I’m Carl. I’m a chicken. I frickin’ love opera. Which is sorta helpful considering I work at Opera Cleveland.

I’m far from the first opera chicken. Chickens have been lurking around opera in Cleveland since about 1995. That’s when the illustrious Lisa Kish started working at Cleveland Opera and realized there was every matter of animal featured in opera productions—except chickens. (Well, we were featured but we were either roasted or broiled. NOT flattering.) So she introduced chickens to the opera and has since hidden one or two on stage during each production.

When the opera is not in production, the chickens hang out in the Opera Cleveland warehouse. (The warehouse is where we store and build all our sets and props; it’s under the jurisdiction of the aforementioned Kish.) With cold winter nights and intoxicating paint fumes, what do you think chickens do? Bow chicka bow wow.

That’s where I come in. My parents got their clucks one night on part of the Iolanthe set. (To rent, click here!!) A few weeks later, *crack* and there I was.

I spent my formative months in the warehouse until just recently, when it was decided my myriad talents would be better utilized in the Opera Cleveland office. So I am officially a 9-5er and my main responsibility is this blog, but, as you can see, they’re already exploiting me with menial tasks. (Call PETA!)

Making copies. At the copier.

Helping our Exec Director Will with the budget.
(Allocate money to certain farm animals. Just a thought.)

Gossip at the water cooler.
(Did you see what Jenn was wearing today?!)