May 28, 2008


Let me get a few things straight.

I have no abiding fondness for other anthropomorphized animals. I hate (repeat: hate) Howard the Duck.

I do not eat bird seed. I eat Cheetos and beer, just like everyone else.

I LOVE opera. If Giacomo Puccini were alive, I’d take him back to my coop and give him a lil’ somethin’ something. Just as a thank you.

Do NOT ask me about how Cleveland Opera merged with Lyric Opera…blah-dity, blah blah. Go ask Will Cole. I could care less; I’m here for the music.

Dislikes: when you tell people you like opera and they say "Oh, I love Phantom, too!"; Eurotrash opera; Colonel Sanders.

Yes, I am free range (and loving it!)


sarah said...

So what's your take on the habit of animals and partial nudity - Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants - Mickey pants but no shirt - Daffy obviously aligns with nudists... and it appears you do as well... curious about your stance on this important issue.

Stacy said...

mmmmmmm. Cheetos.Beer.