May 20, 2008


Let’s get the basics over with. I’m Carl. I’m a chicken. I frickin’ love opera. Which is sorta helpful considering I work at Opera Cleveland.

I’m far from the first opera chicken. Chickens have been lurking around opera in Cleveland since about 1995. That’s when the illustrious Lisa Kish started working at Cleveland Opera and realized there was every matter of animal featured in opera productions—except chickens. (Well, we were featured but we were either roasted or broiled. NOT flattering.) So she introduced chickens to the opera and has since hidden one or two on stage during each production.

When the opera is not in production, the chickens hang out in the Opera Cleveland warehouse. (The warehouse is where we store and build all our sets and props; it’s under the jurisdiction of the aforementioned Kish.) With cold winter nights and intoxicating paint fumes, what do you think chickens do? Bow chicka bow wow.

That’s where I come in. My parents got their clucks one night on part of the Iolanthe set. (To rent, click here!!) A few weeks later, *crack* and there I was.

I spent my formative months in the warehouse until just recently, when it was decided my myriad talents would be better utilized in the Opera Cleveland office. So I am officially a 9-5er and my main responsibility is this blog, but, as you can see, they’re already exploiting me with menial tasks. (Call PETA!)

Making copies. At the copier.

Helping our Exec Director Will with the budget.
(Allocate money to certain farm animals. Just a thought.)

Gossip at the water cooler.
(Did you see what Jenn was wearing today?!)


Anonymous said...

Chicken nuggets anyone?

Carl said...

Pecking your eyes out, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Carl is way cool, go Chickens!