May 30, 2008


They've sent me away again. For the last few days, I've been shacking up with Sarah (but not in the Biblical way, though I'm pretty sure she wants a piece of this chicken.) She's Opera Cleveland's grant writer and my personal seamstress, apparently. I'm getting fitted for my tux, which I will need in a couple weeks for operas I see when I head out to the OPERA America conference.

Because Sarah has been sewing me a formal ensemble, I was puzzled why she posted this question to me on my last blog entry:

"So what's your take on the habit of animals and partial nudity - Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants - Mickey pants but no shirt - Daffy obviously aligns with nudists... and it appears you do as well... curious about your stance on this important issue."

I don't think I have made this clear enough: I do NOT like animals affected with human characteristics. Just because a mouse can talk in the voice of a castrato and emote as well as, uh, Keanu Reeves doesn't make him funny.

So I do not really appreciate the comparison to these cartoon hacks.

That said, Sarah is correct that I'm more often than not unclothed. When I say I'm free-range, I mean all that sweet word implies. But I certainly don't mind forgoing my natural state to look fierce in some cool duds. I will surely be modeling them on this blog.


Stacy said...

Mmmmmm. Tuxedo.

Bobby said...

This is my first viewing of Carl's blog. I am very impressed! I've only seen a chicken that played the piano before, but I guess the cool 21st-century chickens write blogs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl! While you are working on your wardrobe, tell Sarah you need a Hawaiian Shirt! Why? 'Cause they look good when you are drinking a Corona!!

Anonymous said...

Don't dis the mouse. He is older and way cooler than you are. Do you have your own theme park?

Anonymous said...

Don't dis the mouse. He is cooler and older than you. Do you have your own theme park? I don't think so.