Dec 31, 2008


Dec 24, 2008

I'm leaning more toward the never. But don't let that ruin your Xmas or Chanukah. Hugs!

Dec 22, 2008


Because SOMEONE (name might rhyme with Risa) forgot to take me to the office holiday party.

No one's Friday night should include McLaughlin Group and The Ghost Whisperer.

Dec 18, 2008


(We found this image at Curly Wurly, a fabulous blog about kitsch and pop culture. Though I see nothing kitschy about a chicken singing opera. )

Dec 15, 2008

Link Love

In the spirit of--oh, I don't know--being nice, I thought I'd share some of the sites I visit and/or that give me "link love." Now, for you pervs out there, link love is merely blog rolling someone (hyperlinking to his/her blog). Someday I will get around to making a blog roll on my sidebar; until then, here's some link love:

Mad Opera Blog
I love that Madison Opera can abbreviate to Mad Opera. I wish we could go all OpCleve. Just doesn't work as well.

Little Ms. Bossy
Ms. B doesn't seem all that bossy, but she does seem sassy and cool. Come visit me in Cleveland! We'll be BFFs!

God, he has the best taste. (30 Rock, Arrested Development, This American Life, opera...)

Opera Chic
It's like Gawker for the opera world.

Udderly Fabulous
(The blog of Mimi, the Columbus Opera Cow.) Ohio has the highest per capita of farm animals who blog about opera.

Kentucky Opera Blog
I ignore the associations with Kentucky (such as, ahem, fried chicken).

Art is Air--Breathe Deeply
I second that motion, Heather.

Opera Vivente Blog
With GD John Bowen. Wasn't there talk of sending me to visit, John?!

Tech Czar
Yes, Cleveland is top of things. Plus, the czar (Michael DeAloia) likes opera!)

Yay! I can stalk Valerie, our stage manager from Figaro and Hansel.

Um, I have no idea what this blog is about because it's in German but I do know I'm blogrolled on it.

Brian Dickie
The blog of General Director of Chicago Opera Theater.

Dec 10, 2008


I just found out that one of our soloists that will be in Don Giovanni next fall is currently performing at The Met! Indeed, Alyson Cambridge (pictured at left) is sharing the stage with none other than Renee Fleming in Thais.

You can click here to see a pic of Alyson in her role as Crobyle, as well as some photos of The Flem.

If you're interested in seeing Thais but just can't make it to New York (too busy jet-setting to Youngstown, perhaps), you can see it at a movie theater near you on Dec. 20 or Jan. 7. The Met is doing their HD broadcasts of productions again this year.

So, in addition to this news, I also found out that Maureen McKay, our adorable Susanna in Figaro, was just offered a role at the Met. Felicitations!

Dec 8, 2008


I think you all know me better than to assume I don't succumb to the consumerism of the season, so you have no doubt been wondering what tops my Christmakkah list this year. And I say "tops" because my handlers made me whittle my "gratuitously long" (their words) list down to the following:

Mozart Action Figure
I get a little bored here at the office at night when no one is here. So I thought, "Who better to hang out with?" And his legs bend.

Recording of I Barbiere di Siviglia with Vittoria Gui conducting
The EPITOME of Rossini recordings. You've got a spunky Victoria de los Angeles and a magical Bruscantini. Maybe you'll find it a wee old-fashioned compared to period performances nowadays, but get over yourself because you can't beat this! Gui was THE Rossini conductor of his day.

Recording of Falstaff with Carlo Maria Giulini conducting

Flashy this recording is not, but if the music doesn't permeate your soul, then I question whether you actually have a soul. This showcases maestro Giulini in his prime (even though it was the last opera performance he conducted), elegant singers and a dazzling orchestra.

Recording of Don Giovanni with Sir Charles Mackerras conducting

What can I say about maestro Mackerras? about FAN-EFFING-TASTIC? Clearly, he's one of the finest Mozart opera conductors of his generation. His energy, spirit, and attention to dramatic detail beats everyone else hands wings down.


Again: I get bored here at the office at night by myself.

DVD of Hansel and Gretel at The Metropolitan Opera
I loved our production of H&G so much, but I also adore this darker version the Met did in early 2008.

The Great Poochini
I'm not too proud to admit I want this children's storybook. C'mon, the opera in the story is Dog Giovanni. How can I not love it?

Dec 4, 2008


Say what you will about Cleveland sports (and say you will, I'm sure), I am a fan. Particularly when opera gets the rare chance to mingle in the stadium.

Cleveland Browns and opera fans alike were lucky, in my oh-so-humble estimation, to hear the National Anthem at the Nov. 2 game sung by Opera Cleveland singers. I was busy with Hansel and Gretel that day so I missed it. :(

Elisa Singer, Jen Woda, Andy Morales and Mark Wanich took to the field, with John Krol conducting.

Go, Dawgs!

Dec 1, 2008


What's a Thanksgiving without the Macy's Parade, mashed potatoes, stuffing and...bowling with frozen turkeys?

Yes, for ten years now in the wee wee morning hours, the people of NE Ohio have been flinging frozen turkeys into cans of cranberry sauce at the Giant Eagle in South Euclid. For the, um, glory that comes with winning. Or for the crazy. (I'm not judging or anything.)

And I was there. Yes, Kish woke my sorry arse up to attend the affair, which Fox 8 sponsors and you can see more of here. I would have protested the whole thing on behalf of my poor poultry brethren, but, frankly, it was much too early in the morning for ethics.

Kish didn't just drag me; she also took her mom Paula, pictured here with me and Fox 8's Kenny Crumpton. (Tuxedos in the meat aisle, really?)

To take the surreal factor up a few notches, Ed Begley, Jr. (of the The Busey-Begley-Nolte Trifecta--see below) made an appearance. On bicycle. In the store.

Try to tell them apart. I dare you.