Dec 1, 2008


What's a Thanksgiving without the Macy's Parade, mashed potatoes, stuffing and...bowling with frozen turkeys?

Yes, for ten years now in the wee wee morning hours, the people of NE Ohio have been flinging frozen turkeys into cans of cranberry sauce at the Giant Eagle in South Euclid. For the, um, glory that comes with winning. Or for the crazy. (I'm not judging or anything.)

And I was there. Yes, Kish woke my sorry arse up to attend the affair, which Fox 8 sponsors and you can see more of here. I would have protested the whole thing on behalf of my poor poultry brethren, but, frankly, it was much too early in the morning for ethics.

Kish didn't just drag me; she also took her mom Paula, pictured here with me and Fox 8's Kenny Crumpton. (Tuxedos in the meat aisle, really?)

To take the surreal factor up a few notches, Ed Begley, Jr. (of the The Busey-Begley-Nolte Trifecta--see below) made an appearance. On bicycle. In the store.

Try to tell them apart. I dare you.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Carl, Admit it you were up all night waiting with anticipation of the festivities at 4:30 in the morning! Wait till next year when, hopefully, I will be one of the bowlers!!!