Dec 8, 2008


I think you all know me better than to assume I don't succumb to the consumerism of the season, so you have no doubt been wondering what tops my Christmakkah list this year. And I say "tops" because my handlers made me whittle my "gratuitously long" (their words) list down to the following:

Mozart Action Figure
I get a little bored here at the office at night when no one is here. So I thought, "Who better to hang out with?" And his legs bend.

Recording of I Barbiere di Siviglia with Vittoria Gui conducting
The EPITOME of Rossini recordings. You've got a spunky Victoria de los Angeles and a magical Bruscantini. Maybe you'll find it a wee old-fashioned compared to period performances nowadays, but get over yourself because you can't beat this! Gui was THE Rossini conductor of his day.

Recording of Falstaff with Carlo Maria Giulini conducting

Flashy this recording is not, but if the music doesn't permeate your soul, then I question whether you actually have a soul. This showcases maestro Giulini in his prime (even though it was the last opera performance he conducted), elegant singers and a dazzling orchestra.

Recording of Don Giovanni with Sir Charles Mackerras conducting

What can I say about maestro Mackerras? about FAN-EFFING-TASTIC? Clearly, he's one of the finest Mozart opera conductors of his generation. His energy, spirit, and attention to dramatic detail beats everyone else hands wings down.


Again: I get bored here at the office at night by myself.

DVD of Hansel and Gretel at The Metropolitan Opera
I loved our production of H&G so much, but I also adore this darker version the Met did in early 2008.

The Great Poochini
I'm not too proud to admit I want this children's storybook. C'mon, the opera in the story is Dog Giovanni. How can I not love it?

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