Dec 10, 2008


I just found out that one of our soloists that will be in Don Giovanni next fall is currently performing at The Met! Indeed, Alyson Cambridge (pictured at left) is sharing the stage with none other than Renee Fleming in Thais.

You can click here to see a pic of Alyson in her role as Crobyle, as well as some photos of The Flem.

If you're interested in seeing Thais but just can't make it to New York (too busy jet-setting to Youngstown, perhaps), you can see it at a movie theater near you on Dec. 20 or Jan. 7. The Met is doing their HD broadcasts of productions again this year.

So, in addition to this news, I also found out that Maureen McKay, our adorable Susanna in Figaro, was just offered a role at the Met. Felicitations!

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Bobby said...

What are your plans for Christmahanukwanzika, Carl?