Dec 15, 2008

Link Love

In the spirit of--oh, I don't know--being nice, I thought I'd share some of the sites I visit and/or that give me "link love." Now, for you pervs out there, link love is merely blog rolling someone (hyperlinking to his/her blog). Someday I will get around to making a blog roll on my sidebar; until then, here's some link love:

Mad Opera Blog
I love that Madison Opera can abbreviate to Mad Opera. I wish we could go all OpCleve. Just doesn't work as well.

Little Ms. Bossy
Ms. B doesn't seem all that bossy, but she does seem sassy and cool. Come visit me in Cleveland! We'll be BFFs!

God, he has the best taste. (30 Rock, Arrested Development, This American Life, opera...)

Opera Chic
It's like Gawker for the opera world.

Udderly Fabulous
(The blog of Mimi, the Columbus Opera Cow.) Ohio has the highest per capita of farm animals who blog about opera.

Kentucky Opera Blog
I ignore the associations with Kentucky (such as, ahem, fried chicken).

Art is Air--Breathe Deeply
I second that motion, Heather.

Opera Vivente Blog
With GD John Bowen. Wasn't there talk of sending me to visit, John?!

Tech Czar
Yes, Cleveland is top of things. Plus, the czar (Michael DeAloia) likes opera!)

Yay! I can stalk Valerie, our stage manager from Figaro and Hansel.

Um, I have no idea what this blog is about because it's in German but I do know I'm blogrolled on it.

Brian Dickie
The blog of General Director of Chicago Opera Theater.


John Bowen said...

Hey Carl - Thanks for the link love. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (or I guess in your case it would be soft and feathery). I haven't forgotten about getting you out here. Just waiting for the perfect show with which to introduce you to Opera Vivente. I'm thinking Dove's The Little Green Swallow (April 2010) would hold great interest for the feathered opera loving contingent.

nachtgedanken said...

thank you for linking!

My blog ist mostly about Opera at my favourite theatre in Munich, sometimes elsewhere, and books. By request, I can also translate to English, if you're interested in a special topic (also other articles, just drop me a note). I hugely enjoy your blog :-)

vkwheels said...

Thanks for the shout out! oh, the pressure, the pressure!

Mimi said...

Hi Carl! Thanks for the link love - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you in February.