Jul 30, 2009


Yesterday, our technical director Lisa Kish promised me she had something to do that would pull me out of my summer lassitude. And I agreed.

Then she took me to jail with her.

Before I could muster an adamant "ummm, NOT what I had in mind!," I realized this imprisonment was for a good cause. (Other than the dubious cause of keeping my corrupting influence away from small children.)

The Muscular Dystrophy Association organized this Lock-Up; participants had to "make bail" by raising donations. (Note: snarky witticisms are not sufficient bail; I tried.)

Thankfully, Kish raised enough bail for both of us, and this prison was more Camp Cupcake than St. Quentin.

We even met the Lake Erie Monsters mascot. (And, no, we did not see Jerry Lewis.)

See more pics here

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