Jul 10, 2009

SmARTy Pants

Once again this summer, Opera Cleveland is part of The Cleveland Foundation's SmART in the City program.

We're leading a site for the 6-week arts day camp for 5th and 6th grade students from the Cleveland Municipal School District. I'll no doubt be stopping by and hanging out with the campers this summer (if just to escape my menial office tasks...cleaning the fridge, really, guys???)

We also have three Opera Cleveland artists that will be visiting each SmART site with a educational (but fun!) performance.

I can personally vouch for the fun aspect, as the staff sat in on their final rehearsal yesterday.

Singers Adele Karam and Michael Ryan showed us how to write a song. (I'm sure this will be useful for the kids, but I'm quite familiar with musical construction, given the work I've done on my original opera Il Pollo.)

Actor Sean Booker is the animated narrator.

His cutie-pie daughter filled in as a camper, as Adele sang.

What's opera without a love song?
(Nixon in China, perhaps? We'll give the 5th and 6th graders a few years before we introduce them to that one.)


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