Jul 28, 2008


Choose One:
a) Stuffing envelopes b) Stamping envelopes c) Sealing envelopes
d) Folding surveys e) Folding more surveys f) All of the Above

If you didn't choose F, you are sorely mistaken.
(And probably one of those glass half full type of people. Blech.)

Indeed, I was immersed figuratively and literally (see above) in putting together a humongous Opera Cleveland mailing. We had put together an Audience Survey to obtain some feedback on what y'all want to see on our stage. Y'all meaning 3,300 people. Meaning there were 3,300 surveys to fold and 6,600 envelopes to stamp and label. (Because we're nice like that and include a SASE.)

Because we're an arts non-profit, we did this ginormous mailing ourselves. Our staff pitched in, including Artistic Director Dean (above left) and Executive Director Will (above right).

So, many paper cuts and repetitive motion strains later, we're done. If you haven't received your survey in the mail yet, you should in the next few days. And if you don't, shoot me an email and I will PERSONALLY send one to you.


Jenn said...

Hi, Carl! I miss you, and everyone else, of course.

What I don't miss are mailings. =) Be jealous. There's an entire unit here that handles outgoing mail!! =O To the point that I don't even need to apply postage. Woo!

Hope all is going great up there! Tell the Office Peeps I say!


Heather said...

Ah, the joy of surveys. I would love to see said survey, just to see what interests chickens.

We need to be doing similar tasks, but creating appropriate questions are not one of our specialties. AND then compiling data is a laborious task that no one has time to do. Oy!

Bobby said...

Carl, will you help input all the data?? I think that you should. That would be quite helpful.