Jul 11, 2008


Our Finance Director went to Disney World
and all I got was this lousy hat

I jest. Despite my ambivalence toward Mickey Mouse (see here), I'm kinda digging on this look for me. I feel like a mash-up--mouse chicken. Oh so po-mo.

I have a new office mate!

I'm taking a closer look at my spider friend Boris, who is a new occupant in the office. (I'm all about interspecies friendship.)


Bobby said...

Way to shun labels, Carl! Good job. And if you ask me, Boris isn't all that great. He's lazy and is in danger of near extinction.

Anonymous said...

Are really just checking up on Boris, or are you using the magnifier to off him in a smokey sun's-power-harnessed-as-a-laser-beam death.

Carl said...

I have some news. Boris has left us for greener pastures. Or rather, rougher concrete. After rescuing him/her from an ill-fated rappelling attempt, we released him into the wild of downtown Cleveland.