Jul 31, 2008


We've hit that point in the summer: the vibrancy of the season has given way to languor. All I want to do is lie in my coop, watch reruns of Gossip Girl and drink frappucinos. (Yo, Intern Bobby, fetch me another!) I need some excitement around here.

Then I realized our Le nozze di Figaro performances are only two months away. Better yet, in just one month, I will get to hang out with the cast when they get to town. (We're gonna be BFFs and stay up all night chatting about opera!)

The getting to town part for the artists is always something we need help with. (RTA just won't cut it in this case.) We need Pick-up Artists (har har har): volunteers to pick singers, directors and stage staff up at Hopkins Airport and take them to their lodging in downtown Cleveland. Click here if you're interested. As thanks, you'd receive a pair of tickets to a dress rehearsal. (And get to meet me, which, really now, is reason enough.)


John Bowen said...

Hey Carl. Thanks for your comment. I understand that Southwest has flights from Cleveland to Baltimore for,date I say it, "chicken feed". As to your post about "pick up", I have a question. How does Opera Cleveland handle getting artists from wherever the reside to Cleveland? Do you guys have an arrangement with an airline? Encourage people to donate frequent flyer miles? Just suck it up and pay full fare?

Bobby said...

Intern Bobby says get your own cup o' Joe. Watch it, or you'll be "Bye-Bye Birdie."