Aug 4, 2008


Each year through its Short-Term Residency program, Opera Cleveland works with schools to produce a one-hour version of a classic opera. This year, Teaching Artists (who portray the main characters in the shortened opera) worked with students to perform Bizet's Carmen.

And each year, we ask students to describe--in writing or drawings--their favorite part of the experience. As kids are wont to do, they charm us with their interpretation and their excitement about being involved in opera.

Here are some choice excerpts (with commentary, of course).

Carmen: You pretend to love me then say [you] cannot leave your regiment!
Don Jose: Carmen, it's not like that. Listen to me!
(Say it, DJ! Say bee-yotch!)

I think this shows Carmen running away from Don Jose (who has got some major junk in the trunk). I would run away from him too if he had no hands and all he sang was 'O, O, O, O, O.'

Here, the artist portrays Escamilo (allegedly with a nasty case of elephantiasis of the hand), inviting bulls (played by students) to run through the red cape. Said artist appears to have been inspired by the Powder Puff girls. (see below)

Awwww. Dang if that doesn't warm even a chicken's heart.


John Bowen said...

Woohoo! Let's get a shout out for the Power (not Powder) Puff Girls! We need someone to write an opera about Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup and take that to the schools. Keep on peckin' Carl.

Carl said...

Doh! Power Puff.