Aug 26, 2008


A new week, a new assistant stage manager. RoseMary joins Lisa K and Valerie this week in prepping for the Figaro posse. She gave me a little lesson today on that most quintessential of stage manager accoutrements: Spike Tape.

If you have ever watched a stage production from the balcony, you may have noticed bits of colored tape dotting the stage. That's spike tape; it marks locations for performers, set pieces and props. The tape is easy to tear and doesn't leave that gunk that makes you curse the adhesive industry.

Right now, our industrious stage managers are gettin' sticky, marking up the rehearsal space (which, for Figaro, is in our warehouse).

RoseMary said spike tape is also handy for taping shut the beaks of foul-mouthed fowl. (I have no idea who she might be suggesting.)

1 comment:

Byron Abens said...

Rehearsals in the Warehouse? That's crazy talk. However, as long as you all are still keeping up with Days of Our Lives in there, it could be a really nice bonus.