Aug 18, 2008


Yes, summers end, internships end, but we can mourn the absence of Intern Bobby nonetheless.
My latte just wasn't the same when I had to fetch it for myself this morning.

Intern Bobby came to us for the summer through the Cleveland Foundation's internship program. He worked tirelessly on our audience survey (including the god forsaken mailing of said survey) and he easily fit into the oft-zany office atmosphere.

Fare ye well, Intern Bobby.
Even though y'all went for margaritas WITHOUT me.
Even though I don't have a photo with you, so I have to use this one of you and my handler Lisa (what are you hiding with those glasses there, girl?)

1 comment:

Bobby said...

And Intern Bobby will miss all of you as well. Thanks for a great summer; I had a blast and you all were a lot of fun. I'll be in touch; hopefully the stack of surveys is getting a little smaller.....