Aug 22, 2008


For the past few weeks, I have been immersed in reading and tabulating results from our audience survey. (Y'all got some opinions, now, don't you?!) We'll be presenting a summary when everything is processed, but I wanted to share a few of the responses to some of our questions here. (These are actual answers.)

Would you be willing to become an Opera Cleveland volunteer?If you answered no, why not?

"Too old to cut the mustard."
(Fortunately, there is only cutting of ketchup here at the opera, so please reconsider!)

"Too busy with world domination."
(Oh, I hear ya on that one. Let me know if you need some volunteers.)

Additional Comments?

"Please remove my name from mailing list."
(Fair enough but you didn't give us your name! That would help.)

What does having an opera company in Cleveland mean to you?

"We've attended opera in Cleveland for 40+ years and would be distressed if live opera were not available."
(How could you not be depressed if there was no live opera?)

"Makes my life better."
(It sure beats Prozac.)



Bobby said...

Hooray for the surveys finally being finished. Nice job, everyone!!

Love you and miss you-
(Former) Intern Bobby

Carl said...

Oh, no, son. They are far from finished. And Angela won't let you forget it!