Aug 19, 2008


Finally, some different people in the office! (Sorry, all you regular staff members; I love you as dearly as my avian heart can muster, but there's only so many "That's what she said" jokes I can endure before I want a change of company.)

Our Figaro stage management staff has started to filter into the office this week, so they can prep for the cast and crew.

She's baaaaaaaaack. My pal Lisa Kelly has returned to The OC as Assistant Stage Manager.

And here we have Production Stage Manager Valerie; she is not quite used to having a chicken look over her shoulder. But she will learn, oh yes, she will learn.

I didn't exactly know what stage managers did at the office before rehearsals started, but I have gotten schooled, indeed. Lots of paperwork is what they do. Lots. of. paperwork.

  • prepping the scores
  • timing the scores
  • scene breakdowns: who is in each scene and what are they wearing and holding
  • creating daily schedules for all cast members
  • learning the set from the ground plans (i.e. blueprints)
  • making sure all rehearsal props and costumes are ready
Basically, they are communication central. The mitochondrion of an opera production, if you will. (And I will, so you should too.)

So I'm pretty dang psyched they are here, and for their part, they are, too. Lisa is happy to return to working in the gorgeous State Theatre. Valerie said she "can't wait for the people with talent to show up."

Oh, Valerie, didn't your guidance counselor teach you that we all have talent.

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John Bowen said...

Hey Carl - Well I'm not sure everyone has talent but blogging chickens and stage managers certainly do. As a director, I find that a good stage manager is worth their weight in gold. And the worth of a blogging chicken is, well, incalculable.