Aug 15, 2008


Opera folks are nothing if not open-minded. (Well, most of us.) I fancy myself a quite progressive fowl, (I mean, I love Dr. Atomic, for goodness sake!) Thus, I have made some friends I would not have imagined, namely felines.

I met wee Phantom here when I visited the warehouse this week. We got in some interspecies snorgling. (See CuteOverload if you don't yet know what that is, and shame on you if you don't!)

Earlier this summer, I hung out with Lucy (or Lulu Belle, as we got to be chums) when Sarah (my seamstress) was working on my tuxedo. She was not so much into the snorgling; she was more "why are you here? are you a toy? can I eat you?"

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Bobby said...

Well was nice to have met you. But, sadly, I am leaving the coop. It's amazing how quickly eleven weeks "flys" by. You are just about the coolest bird I've met (except for the big yellow one.) Take care of my friends at the Opera; they're a bit cuckoo sometimes. (All puns intended.) Peace!