Sep 5, 2008


Headed over to rehearsals today to catch some of the Act I run-through. While the singers were just "marking" (which is not singing to their fullest, so they can conserve their voices), you can tell they got some great chops on them. Not only that, they can act. No "park and barkers" here.

Marcellina (Gloria) shows Bartolo (Tom Hammons) the contract.
(To find out what this contract is, click here.
Seriously. It's complicated.)

Cherubino (Carrie Kahl) and "his" angst.
(Check out the mannequin prop--F-R-E-A-K-Y.)

Count Almaviva (Corey McKern) attempts to woo servant Susanna
(Maureen McKay). (She's all like, bish plz!)

Chillin' with my man Tom.

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Byron said...

That mannequin is creepy. You better be careful, that's the kind of thing that comes to life in the middle of the night and...