Sep 24, 2008


Didn't know if you realized this, but we have an opera opening...IN TWO DAYS! (Need tix? Clicky-click.) I am beside myself.

There will be musicians in this pit. Musicians with expensive instruments. I would encourage you not to spit down into the pit just to see what happens. (In my case, the word broiler was mentioned.)

Techies! Techies! There's techies everywhere!

I have NO idea what this is. "Banger boxes"? Not even Google can help me on that one.

If for some inexplicable reason you don't like opera, you should see Figaro just for the wigs.

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John Bowen said...

Hey Carl - We have a Mozart opera opening tomorrow night as well (Lord Giovanni aka Don Giovanni to the original language folks) so I'm totally with you on the "can barely contain my excitement" front. Toi toi toi my adorable feathered friend!