Sep 2, 2008


O, glorious day! The Marriage of Figaro cast is here. And I got to meet them today. While I would love to gloat about my privilege, the fact is you can meet them today too. There's a Meet the Cast event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers tonight at 7 pm.

Corey McKern (Count Almaviva) gives me a thumbs up, apparently.
(Or perhaps that was a different finger. Hmmm.)

I provide indispensable advice to Director Peter Kazaras.
(First point: I take my coffee black, so get it right next time.)

Gloria Parker (Marcellina) gets cuddly. (She's a flirt, that one.
She even giggled when I made like Van Morrison and sang
G-L-O-R-I-A. Like she's never heard that one before.)

Our office jill-of-all-trades Angela and I meet Carrie Kahl. Carrie is Figaro's resident cross dresser in the "trouser role" as Cherubino.

Three's Company! Unfortunately, Philippe Pierce (Don Basilio/Curzio) didn't get the hint, so I didn't have any alone time with Elaine Alvarez (Countess Almaviva). But it will happen, oh yes.

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