Nov 19, 2008


Although I spend my days in the office, you'd have to be a few crayons short of a box to not realize that I aspire to be on stage. And not just hidden behind a giant mushroom! (Re: Hansel and Gretel.)

I got a shot at achieving my dreams when I auditioned for the Opera Cleveland chorus and education programs this past weekend. (Let's just pretend my co-workers were not humoring me, shall we.)

Cliff, our Artistic Administrator (and most patient person EVER), checked in the singers, including me. Then we waited. And warmed up--in the bathrooms. (Toilets provide great acoustics, as well as dependably serve the nervous stomachs of auditioners. )

Finally, it was my turn to audition for Maidie Rosengarden, our Director of Production & Education; Nathan Motta, the Director of our Short-Term Residency educational program; and CM Shearer, our Chorus Master. Those who auditioned were to sing one art song or aria and one other song; at least one had to be in Italian.

I sang "Madamina, il catalogo e questo" from Don Giovanni (heh heh) and..."Love is a Battlefield" by Ms. Pat Benatar.

This cheerful bunch holds my future on the stage in their hands. Don't let me down, guys!

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Angela said...

Good luck Carl, I hope you make the Chorus. They would be fools not to let you in!