Nov 5, 2008


Because Hansel and Gretel can be enjoyed by both adults and children, we decided to make it even more fun for the kids this past Sunday. (Well, first, we made it fun for the parents by providing a special family discount for tickets.) Before the performance, we had games, face painting and prizes set up in the State Theatre lobby for kids to enjoy.

You can see my wonderful costume here better. My precious costume wenches Margaret and Janet made me a witch's outfit! The cape is lined. They are dedicated to their craft, I tell ya. Speaking of dedication, Dr. Kish carved this pumpkin...freehand. (I am feeling quite inferior around all the mad skillz here.)

William (the numbers man in the office) supervises the pumpkin ring toss.

Jill and Megan get cheeky with the kids.

Me, I supervised the coloring table, where kids colored gingerbread people. I advocated for unrestrained creativity. Thus, my favorite was this one:

Not only is it vibrantly imaginative; it's practical--the gingerbread man has pockets for all his gingerbread man needs.


vkwheels said...

looks like the gingerbread man also is sporting his amazing technicolor dreamcoat...

Angela said...

Lookin' good Carl! Love the outfit/costume! They went way above and beyond on this one.