Nov 3, 2008


I know, I know, I know. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?

I'll tell ya where I've been. I've been right here, doing what I do. Except last week one of my handlers decided it would be a whip smart idea to get sick. Completely ignoring the fact that she is the one who helps me blog. Completely ignoring the fact that I have a faithful audience, voracious for updates.

This will NOT happen again. I don't care if she throws up a lung and that lung gets run over by a Vespa...I MUST BLOG.

The good news is that this week I will make up for it with a cavalcade of Hansel and Gretel photos and commentary. Let's rock 'n' roll...

We have to keep telling her: Patricia, Carl is not a tasty treat!

Here's the tasty treats. (Courtesy of Propmistress Heidi here.)

The Sweatshop workers Costumers, putting on last minute touches.

Even when I'm backstage, I can still catch what's happening on stage. (Albeit in black and '70s.)

It's Opening Night! Valerie is a big, bad cue-ing machine. And I like to watch.
(You can sorta see my new costume here; I'll post more about it tomorrow. Let me just say our costume crew is genius.)


Bobby said...

I am so glad that your "handler" is feeling better.

vkwheels said...

bad cueing?

Carl said...

bad as in badass, silly.