Jan 23, 2009


Now I blatantly ripped off this idea from another blog, but, you know, imitation is the most sincere flattery (or some crap like that).

In my never-ending pursuit of self amusement, I have collected many of the search terms that bring Googlers (and to a lesser extent, Yahoo-ers) to my blog. Here are some of my favorites:

Jose Abreu flight attendant

chicken handlers lung
(Well, one of my handlers has asthma, but I think it's unrelated to me.)

chicken clothes for chickens

chicken clothes

Chicken clothes

chicken clothes

chicken clothes
(These were all DIFFERENT searches. Apparently there are people out there desperately seeking fowl finery.)

Dean Williamson, boyfriend
(Sorry, kids. He's taken.)

Chickens just getting what they scratch
(Oh, I always get what I scratch.)

whoop whoop chicken
(new at Burger King!)

Whoop Whoop Chicken Chicken
(When the Burger King cashier has a phonic tic.)

whoop whoop get it get it

ed begley roost
(I could totally see Ed Begley, Jr. roosting in a nest; he's all earthy crunchy.)

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