Jan 6, 2009


Inevitably, when Opera Cleveland employees tell someone they don't know that they work for the opera, the person asks "do you sing?!"

(NONE of the Opera Cleveland staff sing professionally. Most of us you would not even want to hear singing "Happy Birthday.")

If you read this blog, I'm sure you realize that there's a lot more to opera than singers. While I've gone behind the scenes with the costumers, stage managers, directors and all that fun stuff, I haven't really delved into what happens at the office. (Other than drinking and related shenanigans.)

So I am starting a feature titled What DODAD? (What does the opera do all day?)

I'll be shadowing all our staff members to provide YOU with EXCLUSIVE coverage of the office life of Opera Cleveland! (Chill out...there's only like 10 of us, so I can't bore you that much.)

First up: Sarah "I write the grants and I bet you can't spell my last name" Stilgenbauer.


nachtgedanken said...

Great Idea! Thanks Carl!

vkwheels said...

the author of that book is "Scarry"?

John Bowen said...

Happy New Year, Carl! Hey, can you do Sarah's profile as a video of you singing "I write the grants that bring the money in" to the tune of Barry Manilow's "I write the songs"? That would be like totally bitchin'.