Jan 26, 2009


I absolutely heart when singers in our educational programs rehearse at the Opera Cleveland offices. All I have to do is mosey across the hall to have a peek and listen. Frankly, sometimes I just sit in the hallway and listen. (I don't want Philippe to think I'm stalking him.)

The past couple weeks, the teaching artists in our Short-Term Residency have been rehearsing The Magic Flute. This week, we're pushing them out of the nest (fly away, fly away!) and into the schools.

What the teaching artists will do at these Northeast Ohio schools is work with students (and teachers) to produce a mini version of the opera The Magic Flute. The artists help teach the students the music and cast them in minor roles; they spend a couple sessions learning and rehearsing together before performing for the school, families and community.

I am so excited to tag along and see some of the performances. It's something different for the kids to do--and to utilize learning styles they may not usually in the classroom--so I hear that they have a lot of fun with it.

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