Oct 13, 2009


Even though they haven't taken me out to the bar yet (ahem!), the Don Giovanni cast has wormed its way into my fowl heart.

Give them a chance to charm you--our Meet the Cast event is this Saturday, Oct. 17. Same time: 7:30 pm. Same place: Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Legacy Village.

Here's the leader of the pack (vroom, vroom), Johnny Rocket. Or Director John Hoomes, for you professional types. (And that's Hoomes, not Holmes, you perverts.)

It's like Red Rover, with opera singers. This was Alyson Cambridge's idea. Jonathan Boyd and I just played along.

Straight outta Warsaw...Robert Gierlach, our Don Giovanni. (Don't worry; he did NOT try to seduce me.)

Assistant Stage Manager Erin is back (aka Curls McGirl)! I finagled a ride on the rickshaw that's featured in the production. (And on which Will keeps trying to get someone to courier him to E. 4th Street.)


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