Jan 7, 2010

ECO-CARL: Office Space

Forget spring cleaning. The advent of the new year always seems to inspire the staff to clean out the office. And there's always stuff to clean out. (Theater seating charts from 1995, um, yeah.)

Now here's where I get all After School Special-y on you. (Much as Scott Baio does in The Boy Who Drank Too Much.)

[Cue swelling instrumental music] I've learned that when you're purging your office of files of head shots from 1980s opera singers and such, you can do so responsibly. Unbelievable!

First, of course, there's paper recycling. Don't send 1980s head shots to the landfill--let them live a second life as toilet paper! Hopefully, your office or building has at least paper recycling. I really can't understand that some cities or businesses don't offer this basic service. Recycling should be as ubiquitous as trash pick up.

But if it's not, paper recycling--and aluminum and glass recycling--should not be difficult to find in your city. There's drop off sites and scrap yards. I found out about Earth 911, which is a great resource to use to find out where to recycle various items near your zipcode.

The digital age may reduce our reliance on paper, but its accessories can be a pain in the arse to recycle. Thankfully, as the nation is seeming to catch on to the idea that we got to take care of this planet we call home, recycling options are growing. In Cleveland, for instance, I found out about E-Scrap Solutions, where residents and businesses can recycle computers, computer parts, office machines, etc.

Perhaps more convenient, Best Buy accepts used CDs, batteries and inkjet cartridges at their stores.

What did people do before plastic, seriously? Not sayin' it's a good thing; it's just...everywhere, including in the office. If you're not using cloth bags (and WHY AREN'T YOU?!!), there are recycling options for all those plastic bags. Northeast Ohio grocery store chain Giant Eagle collects them, as does *whispering* Wal-Mart. I heard someone say that Tar-jay Target collects them as well.

These are just some of the little things we're doing, but you know what they say about little things. [Insert proverb. I'm too lazy to google one.]


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Beau said...

www.cuyahogaswd.org has a ton of local recycling resources in Cuyahoga County and NE Ohio. For another electronic waste recycler, try www.ret3.org. They refurbish and recycle electronic waste on e.40th st. in Cleveland and then donate the refurbished computers to Clev schools and area non profits. Check it out!