Jan 5, 2010

Introducing ECO-CARL

How did you spend your holiday break? Lolling in front of the TV's reruns of Gilmore Girls? Avoiding toxic family gatherings? Imbibing and then imbibing some more? Nice. Go tell it to your blog because this chicken was not so lucky.

Half of the office was gone, so Sarah and Lisa (our resident "green team") thought it would be a good time for Eco Boot Camp for me. (And, really?! What do calisthenics have to do with the environment?)

The ladies were none too happy with my indiscriminate tossing of beer cans into the trash instead of the recycling bin, especially in light of our announcing the Green Opera Initiative. (See, I thought this initiative was for the company, not ME personally. Wrong.) I was schooled, son.

Now I know more about carbon calculators and LED lights and bisphenol A than you can shake an organic stick of butter at. Hence, they have also assigned me to write a periodic Eco Carl column here to share our progress with the Green Opera Initiative and about sustainability in the arts in general.

Dare I say I'm sorta excited about imparting my newly acquired green wisdom with you? Later this week: my titillating adventures in recycling at the office. (Hold onto your hats, kids.)


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