Jan 11, 2010


We love a good train wreck, don't we? If we didn't, reality television would not have us so in its thrall. I admit that I am itching, just itching to see the new British reality show Pop Star to Opera Star.

Of course, there's the opera component. "No doubt the usual tosh about 'bringing opera to the masses' will be wheeled out in justification of this exercise," writes Rupert Christiansen of the Telegraph. I really don't mind that, but Christiansen makes a valid point: "All the programme offers (as I understand it) is the rehearsal of a few familiar arias, removed from the dramatic context which makes opera the theatrical art-form that it fundamentally is. Real opera singers don’t just sing the highlights, they have to get through the whole show, in character."

An ad for the show:

We all really know that the show has less to do with opera than with eliciting grimaces, unrestrained OMGs and loyal viewing from TV watchers.

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