Feb 3, 2010

ECO-CARL: On Broadway

They say the neon lights are bright going LED on Broadway.

Opera Cleveland is certainly not the only arts organization looking on the green side of things. The mecca for musical theater junkies everywhere--Broadway--has its own "green team." More accurately, it's the Broadway Green Alliance. They are busy identifying and promoting better (i.e. more sustainable and eco-friendly) practices in the theater community.

What's cool and oh-so-helpful (and sorta makes me forgive whoever it was that allowed Katie Holmes on Broadway) are the lists and resources for better practices for theater professionals available online.

Opera Cleveland had started to compile our own lists of everything we could possibly think to consider in improving our sustainability, and BGA's lists are a great reference.

For theater shops and warehouses, there's an excellent score card, created by Mo' Olelo Performing Arts Company. It essentially rates all varieties of materials like paints, adhesives, textiles, plastics, and woods on their respective levels of toxicity and eco-friendliness. Frankly, it's a also great resource for people who are doing home improvement sorts of projects.

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