Feb 24, 2010


What does an opera staff want to do most on a cold February day? Sort through 20-year old files in a cold warehouse, of course!

It was a requisite of Warehouse Move 2010 (aka Kish's Headache 2010) to assess all the archived files from the opera's history. The options: save, recycle or shred. LOTS will be recycled, but I made sure to keep a few interesting pieces that I will share with you guys.

This photo shows only about a third of all the boxes. Why, yes, the staff looks like they are about to go camping! (We would have had plenty of kindling, let me tell you.)

William: I'm the luckiest guy in the world! I get paid to sit among empty paint cans and sift through 30 years of audit papers!

Sarah: This memo from 1983 is utterly fascinating. Should I keep it? It's such a toss up to keep it or the invoice for 35 pounds of cookies in 1994.

Either Lisa is recycling with super speed (entirely possible) or I blurred the photo because she made a naughty gesture at me (also, entirely possible).


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