Feb 10, 2010


With all that's going on (the warehouse move, the Green Opera Initiative, GO!, drinking, basking in the amber glow of my awesomeness...), I completely neglected to introduce a new member of the Opera Cleveland staff.

In November, we bid adieu to our Director of Development Steve (or Uncle Steve, as he was known colloquially around the office--he'd probably be that uncle you see at family gatherings who amiably slapped you on the back, handed you a glass of scotch and then crammed a $20 in your pocket). He accepted a great job, so cheers to that.

The good news for us is getting to welcome Tracy Glenn as our new Director of Development. She comes from what is ostensibly a completely different world--that of rock 'n' roll. Her last job was at House of Blues, being a one-woman show for its foundation. I would reckon she's realized that the opera world is not so different from rock 'n' roll--perhaps it's even a bit more bawdy. (Or maybe it's just my mission to make it so.)

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