Apr 27, 2010


Rehearsals for Lucia di Lammermoor have begun! Here's a few of the peeps I will be hanging out with for the next few weeks, as they prepare for the stage:

Don't let the smile fool you--Jordan Shanahan plays the bad guy in this opera.

Here's our Edgardo--tenor Scott Piper. If he appears to know how to handle a chicken, ahem, it's because he owns a chicken farm! In addition to singing, he raises Araucana chickens for their eggs, which happen to be blue-green. (Told you chickens and opera were a natural match.)

Director Tomer Zvulun has directed in Cleveland before--our La boheme in 2008. But that was before my time, so does it count? He likes to hang around cemeteries in his spare time.

Kristopher Irmiter has also performed in Cleveland before--in the aforementioned La boheme as well as Tosca. He's all about me. (Who ISN'T, Kris? Who isn't?)

I neglected to get any pix with Nili Riemer (Lucia); Nicole Birkland (Alisa); Philippe Pierce (Normanno); and Timothy Culver (Arturo). But don't worry--they will surely get their chance to hang with me.

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