Apr 29, 2010


You would think opera singers would be the loudest talkers ever. I mean, their singing voice can powerfully carry through a huge theater. But, no. Maybe they just save their voices for all the singing, but they can be some soft talkers.

Fortunately, we have learned to provide a mic at our Meet the Cast events. What did we learn about our singers last night?

In addition to raising chickens, Scott likes to totally disconnect for two weeks each year--and take off on his motorcycle.

Both Tomer (on the left) and Nili (standing) were born in Israel, though Nili doesn't have an accent because she was raised partly in America. She admits to being a politics nerd--if she wasn't an opera singer, she'd probably pursue international relations and Middle East policy.

Jordan discussed the challenge of life of the road--for him it's being away from his wife, who is also an opera singer. But technology makes keeping in touch a lot easier; he says he is on Skype everyday with her.

Technology can help singers in other ways, too. It's become way easier to record oneself, and Nili noted that if she really needed to, she could Skype a lesson with her voice teacher.

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