Jun 12, 2008


A big day yesterday at the OPERA American conference.
After the omelet fiasco, we headed to the Convention Center.

First up was the Electronic Media forum. Use technology to bring opera to the people and people to the opera, etc, etc. (I was like 'it's called a blog.')

Later, I helped set up our display space in the exhibit hall. (For your Opera Cleveland 2009 season brochure, click here!) We perused the other exhibits and picked up swag. (And by swag, I mean pens. And by pens, I mean What the hell cluck?!) I talked up the nice folks at Opera Now magazine, who came all the way from London.

There were literally thousands of people at the Opening General Session, but I preferred the Breakout Caucus "Building a Performing Arts Community." I held my own in a feisty group of ten. (Shout out to our moderator Ruth: Holla'!)

That night I had an offer to go to Rockies game by Jaimee of Opera Carolina. I was a little wary of her intentions but I also had to dutifully attend the Marketing Network dinner. I met some really awesome people but I spent a good part of the evening discussing the finer points of the English language with the Opera Now folks. (We're right good mates now!)

I was so enamored of my Brit pals, I went looking online last night for British chickens. (Purely platonic, I swear!) I came across The Hencam - a 24/7 look into a chicken coop in the UK. Really?! No offense to my genetic brethren, but I'd rather have my wings clipped than sit and watch your boring lives. A webcam focused on my coop would be a completely different story. (And perhaps not PG rated.)


EatMoreChickenCow said...

You may think you are a cool chicken, but I rule your roost right now! I have destroyed and eaten one of your chicks and will dominate the office before long. Death to Carl!

thefajitaeaters said...

Hey! Where's our picture at the Opera Now booth???

Scott and Louise.