Jun 13, 2008


The last few days have felt like a metamphetamine drug orgy, except instead of drugs I'm tweaked out on opera. (Opera use is much better for the teeth.)

It's almost overwhelming--all there is to see, hear and do. Yesterday was the OPERA America keynote address, which Marc Scorca (OPERA America's Prez & CEO) opened. The highlight was hearing Gerard Mortier from New York City Opera. We watched a spectacular video sample of the innovative Tristan and Isolde production he had directed. He opined that, while technology should certainly be utilized to bring opera to more people, presenting LIVE opera to our audiences must always remain our #1 objective. (Amen, brother.)

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the New Works Sampler. Artists from Central City Opera and Opera Colorado performed excerpts from five new productions. My faves were Elmer Gantry by Robert Aldridge, Hannaraptor by Allan Gilliland, and Frau Margot by Thomas Pasatieri.

Of course, everyone wants their photo with me:

Me and two of the OPERA America peeps running this big ole shindig--
Alexa Antopol, Research Manager, and Paul Gosselin, Membership/Development Manager. (How could they not WANT me in that dapper tuxedo?)

These ladies are from the non-profit Opera On Tap. Anne Ricci,
General Managing Diva, andJessica Miller-Rauch, Co-Manager & Marketing Diva.
(Yes, those are really their titles.)
They take the snob out of opera...and add beer.

My mates Scott Wellstead and Louise Deans from Opera Now. Cheers!

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Heather said...

Looks like you had WAY too much fun at the NPAC. Sorry we didn't get to hang out.

There's always next year.