Jun 11, 2008


Normally I am not a big fan of airplanes. I feel a bit affronted by the fact that this hulking mass of metal has wings and it can fly, yet I have wings, feathers, hollow bones, the whole aviary shebang and I can't fly. Hmpfh.

But this flight was not too bad. There were no screaming rugrats to disturb my reading The New Yorker (oh, Calvin Trillin, you slay me!) I rebuffed the flight attendant's offer for earphones to watch the asinine in-flight movie Definitely, Maybe. (Definitely Not. I don't care how perfectly chiseled Ryan Reynolds' face is.)

I'm staying with my handler Paul at the Hyatt in Denver. So posh! (Remember, I work at a non-profit; anything with clean sheets and air conditioning is posh).

I got a little reading in with some complementary hotel books.
"Even as a hen gathereth her own brood
under her wings..." (Lk 13:34).

I clucked in disapproval at hotel prices.
I can buy two cans of Schlitz for $4.50!

I woke up early and ordered room service. WTF? An omelet?! Don't they know what these are made of?? Pass the Cheerios, please.

Our first session starts at 9 am today. I'll have lots of opera-goodness to share later.


Bobby said...

Too funny!! Carl, you are one lucky bird! Room service and all...

sarah said...

Oh Carl, you are a spoiled, spoiled birdie - what if I told you it was an OSTRICH egg omelet..? Did you get a spa treatment, too?

Angela said...

Actually Carl, Definintely, Maybe is a good movie. Don't dis it till you see it! Enjoy all your networking and opera at the conference.