Jun 26, 2008


Last week I bid adieu to Jenn, our Development Analyst and Special Events Coordinator (it's a requisite that all job titles at Opera Cleveland be no shorter than 35 characters.) Apparently, she thinks working at Ohio State will be more fun than the opera. (Apparently, she is lame.) Regardless, I will still miss her stories, yippy hiccups and general fabulousness.

Bye, Jenn! (Who will flirt with me at the office now??)

While I miss Jenn, I'm getting to bond with her replacement Brett (yes, she has a boy's name; get over it.) She's a sassy lass. I've been helping her learn the ropes around the office--like how to avoid chipping in for water for the water cooler (Drink from puddles, dude; there is no reason to pay for water.)

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Jenn said...

ah, Carl, thanks for the shout-out. I'm gunna miss you, too! And apparently Columbus is much cooler than Cleveland [I mean getting >3 hrs of sleep due to TORNADO sirens is ALL the rage!]

Hope you're holding down the fort up there! I'll be seeing you for Figaro.

[and I do hope you're being sassy and keeping "suck it" alive. I'd really appreciate that =) ]