Aug 14, 2009


Because we're between operas, some of the staff have been luring me out of my coop with activities around NE Ohio. Sometimes these activities are fun. Sometimes they are not. (i.e. "Will's Day o' Moving" or "Rally Around the Woodpile in Paul's Backyard...and Haul it to the Curb.)

The last two weekends have been an interesting juxtaposition of activities.

Kish took me to Norwalk Raceway Park's Night Under Fire. Yes, drag racing, folks. And fire, lots of fire. And drunk people, lots of them, too. It's always wise to mix cars, fire and alcohol.

John Force was there, who is sorta a bigwig in this arena. (He even has his own TV show!)

To balance things out, Kish took me to see Gone with the Wind at PlayhouseSquare's Cinema on the Square series. (I'm soooo there for The Muppets Take Manhattan on Aug. 23!)

I would have more photos, but, um, it's sorta dark during a movie.

I did get to see the organ at the theatre! They played it before the movie (actually, before the cartoons that preceded the movie. Classic!)

PS: Only 77 days until Don Giovanni opens! (Yes, I counted.)


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Angela said...

I was at Gone with the Wind as well! Sorry I didn't see you there. It was awesome.