Aug 27, 2009


Another music-loving bird??!!??

Yes, but this one is in a pixelated, interactive format. (Ha! At least I'm real.)

I found out via Opera Chic that a Parisian video game developer has created Maestro: Jump in Music*. In the Nintendo DS game, you control Presto (the aforementioned "bird" above, which looks more like a Pac Man enemy with wings to me.


Anyway, the game is similar to Guitar Hero (which I have never played because SOMEONE *coughPaulcough* doesn't think it's in his marketing budget). Your goal is to get Presto through different levels by playing music with a stylus--the more you know the classical and operatic compositions in the game, the better you'll be.

You can try out the game here.

*Did they mean Jump Into Music??


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