Aug 10, 2009


We're all about opera for everyone here at OpCleve. So I was intrigued when I learned about Streetwise Opera in the UK.

This organization reaches out to homeless people through weekly programs in homeless centers (rather, centres) and staging a yearly production.

“Once people have increase self-esteem and confidence they achieve many things in their lives that they didn't think were possible,” says singer Rowan Fenner, who leads one of these groups. “Often it's the big issues come up straight away and we get stuck into and opera is perfect for that with huge themes of all the big things in life that we face.” (via this BBC article)

Streetwise Opera says "We have seen over the years how raising confidence levels in participants can have positive, transformational effects in their lives through a kaleidoscope of impacts such as engagement with employment, education, agency services, more independent living, increased contact with family and friends and a better relationship with homeless centre staff."

This is so very cool. It's so weird to have a warm, fuzzy feeling that isn't caused by alcohol!

Check out this video at the BBC.

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