Aug 5, 2009


TV shows I wouldn't mind seeing turned into operas:

Saved by the Bell
Talk of the Bell reunion got me thinking. I have no doubt Jessie Spano's caffeine-addled, anguished "I'm So Excited" scene would rival Lucia's mad scene. I'm thinking Angela Gheorghiu.

Arrested Development
Can't you just imagine Tobias' Never-Nude Aria?

Gomer Pyle
There's a lot more to this show than a wide-eyed hayseed. I think a good librettist could really plumb its depths. Interestingly, Jim Nabors once seriously considered a career in opera (But trust me, we're better off with him as Gomer.)

This would clearly be a choose-your-own-adventure opera, specially written for the tech-savvy nerds people who obsess over Lost. It would be required to have an iPhone for entry into the opera--not just for a status symbol but to navigate the opera and follow and direct the intricate plot. Jack would be played by Jonas Kaufmann and Nathan Gunn would be Sawyer.

American Idol
It just writes itself, even the title: American Opera. Shame Paula Abdul won't be back next season--would make for some good opera buffa.

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