Sep 25, 2009

FIELD TRIP FRIDAY: Branson, Missouri

What's a summer without a vacation? It would have been just fine, imho, because my summer vacation was to Branson, Missouri. Indeed.

I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-feathers sort of chicken, so when Kish asked if I wanted to accompany her and her travel companions to Missouri, I said "sure."

First stop was St. Louis. Respectable. They have a giant arch. How can you argue with a city that has a giant arch?

Onward to Branson, where we went on a tour of Table Rock Lake. (I was polite and refrained from saying "Ummm, but we have a lake in Cleveland, and it's a lot bigger.")

And then there were the shows. Oh, were there shows. There are more than 40 theaters in Branson, and keep in mind that the town's population is only about 6,000.

We saw Shepherd of the Hills: A Musical History of Branson, Missouri (Above, I am pictured with some strapping lads from said show.)

We also saw Noah: The Musical (aka, Two Hours of My Life I Will Never Get Back.)

My favorite was probably Island Fire:

(Starring Jon Gosslein! J/K.)

Most of the performers were from Samoa, and they were awesome (as well as hot).

Shucks, we did miss these theaters: Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, The Baldknobbers Jamboree, the Osmond Family Theatre, and the Welk Theatre at the Welk Resort. (And to think I brought my petticoat for nought.)

This was my favorite part of the trip! Oh, and also when I told people I was from Opera Cleveland, they were, like, 'Cleveland, Tennessee has an opera company?!'


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