Sep 15, 2009


While we're generally in the thrall of preparing for Don Giovanni (opens Oct. 30, kids!), there's always other stuff to be done in the office.

A couple of months ago, I announced our 2010-11 season, and I have been dutifully hovering consulting on its preparations. For instance, I made the helpful recommendation to Will that perhaps Renee Fleming would be a nice addition to one of our casts. His reply: "Bish Plz. Unless you've got rolls of Benjamins underneath those feathers of yours." Hmph.

Nonetheless, I'm truly, truly excited for next year and have been boning up on the rep. I found some video clips for you to get a feel, too:

This is the cool set we're using! (Nathan Gunn not included)

This intense opera "monologue" will be paired with I Pagliacci.

Domingo sings in concert from Werther.

Remember, Werther is pronounced ver-TARE. Not like the brand of butterscotch candies that mix with the lint in pockets of the over-70 set.


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Anonymous said...

Werther's Originals and Werther. Hahaha, never thought about it until now.