Sep 18, 2009


I'm having some issues here with my job description. See, I'm primarily supposed to blog. But the staff has been taking advantages of that little clause "other duties as assigned," so I've been neglectful of this blog, in my estimation. (Someday I will work up the courage to tell Will to screw the budget numbers I owe him, there's Twittering to be done!)

While my wit and whimsy is currently being shelved in favor of things like replenishing the copier paper (honestly) and refilling Paul's flask of vodka (j/k!), I want to continue to entertain and educate my loyal readers. So, here's some links I have been enjoying this week (yes, there's still time for web surfing, if not blogging.)

TimeOut NY offers a pop culture-to-opera conversion guide:
"If you love that Amy Winehouse is no good, don’t miss opera’s ultimate bad girl, Carmen. Bizet’s Gypsy could totally give the Wine-o a run for her money."

More pop culture comparisons: La Cieca at Parterre compares soprano Danielle de Niese to Family Guy's Meg.

The Met season opens on Monday! With Puccini's Tosca. Here's a Q&A with Conductor James Levine, Director Luc Bondy and lead Karita Matilla

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Anonymous said...

Of course Carmen could given Whinehouse a run for her money...Using your body to project your sound when people like Whinehouse need a microphone and and amp.